So much has been written about wine, and still many of us feel overwhelmed when it comes to making wine decisions. How often have you stood in front of a "wine wall" and felt unable to make a purchase?  Even if you feel confident in your buying choices, do you want to understand better what it is you are tasting in your glass?  Do you want to get behind the labels and learn more about certain grapes, fermentation procedures, or pairing options?

Wine drinking is very personal, as is your taste for food or fashion. So let's make the learning about wine personal. MindfulVine offers one-on-one or group consultations and tastings at your home on how to fit wine into your life. You can choose among several options: "Wine Basics: Taste" introduces what exactly it is we taste in wine, and what affects our tastes and tasting abilities. and possible pairings. "Wine Basics: Grapes" explores one grape varietal from different growing regions. Additionally, we can customize "Wine Enjoyment" according to your interests. We agree on the wines you want to learn about. They can be wines you already own, that you saw at the store and feel curious about, or wines I think you would want to try. The consultations last one to two hours, as your schedule allows.

All you need to prepare is a table with enough glasses for all participants, some munchies, and questions. Please tell your colleagues, neighbors, family or friends: "Let's get together and talk about wine!"  We set a date, and we will start a conversation that will remind everyone why we share (food and) wine: to create memories of good times!

Face-to-face learning. Relaxed and fun. Enjoy what's in your glass!